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Reddit has a page (r/LetsNotMeet) dedicated to stories about stalkers, being creeped on & strange encounters. The stories here are supposedly true, and are people’s unfortunate experiences. Here are the top 10, that make your heart skip a beat. The real fears in life are ofcourse humans and what we are capable of.

Trigger warnings for everything here. Stories may include sexual abuse, child abuse & physical abuse. 

  1. THEY DIDN’T KNOW I UNDERSTOOD SPANISH: The reason I will always hesitate to take public transportation espically during the night
  2. NO GOOD DEED GOES UNPUNISHEDI … just … just read this
  3. DR.RAMSEY: He needs to kept in jail for the rest of his life
  5. STRANGER UNDER THE BED: Her story is many people’s worst nightmares
  7. THE SMILING MAN: They made this into a short film
  8. I’M HER UNCLEThe reason to keep a watchful eye on your children at all times
  9. TERRORIZED FOR 2 HOURS: Trust your gut feeling
  10. DON’T TELL MOMDogs are the best creatures on Earth

Feel free to post your own LetsNotMeet stories on this reddit thread or on tumblr. 

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Dyscalculia is much more than being ‘bad at math.’

Dyscalculia is being told that you just need to try harder, when you are physically and mentally trying your hardest.

Dyscalculia is achieving a failing grade in a subject that you cried and bled over, not knowing why your brain won’t let you…

While I agree with most of this, it does not equate to everyone. And doctors do refer to it as the math version of dyslexia.

Sometimes You Just Can’t Over Come Your “Disability”

I have this horrible aversion to mathematics. It’s not that I don’t like it, or that I’m trying to avoid it altogether. I mean, I know that I need much of it in real life, but as I’ve grown older, math has only managed to become harder. I’m a senior in university, and I am unable to do the lowest math class available to me due to my inability to wrap my mind around what is being taught. It’s not the teacher, he’s fantastic, but my brain is just not wired to comprehend. Along with this is this problem where my mind has started to mix up numbers, and this lead to a very very embarassing question that I asked… in class… The number was 3120 and I wrote down 2013 instead. In doing so, I had come to the wrong answer. I have issues subtracting and multiplying and dividing, and as I went to look these things up, it seems that I have dyscalulclia. 

It’s a disability, one that I have yet to be diagnosed with, which is why it’s in quotations in the title. I don’t know who to go to for this diagnosis, who am I supposed to talk to about this disorder? Hell, I don’t even know who to talk to about having dyslexia (which I do not have). From what I’ve researched, adult onset can occur. 

What I fear the most is how am I to become a teacher if I can’t even understand the math that will appear on the tests for certification? No one is going to give me a certificate to teach if I can’t even pass the math portion of the test. I’m going to become a elementary teacher once I’ve received my masters with certification. Only that requires passing tests. 

Anyone have any advice?

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